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CYOA in the News

Choose Your Own Adventure helps First Lego League Team

First Lego League is an international competition across 60 countries, where kids use innovation, robotics, and core values to help address a worldwide concern.

2012's challenge is to help seniors deal with a problem in their lives.

Choose Your Own Adventure editorial team and author Doug Wilhelm (who has written several Choose books and several other titles for young readers) met with a South Burlington, Vermont team who was inspired by our books.

Luke, Andrew, and Damon read lots of CYOA books and thought about ways interactive writing could be used to engage seniors in discussing choices they encountered in their lives.

They created a unique program that will allow seniors to chart stories, decisions, and critical junctures in life, and share this information in an interactive way that would be very meaningful to relatives and friends.

We wish the team best of luck as they continue with this very promising project, and we were very pleased to see how reading Choose Your Own Adventure has inspired these kids in their creative thinking.

"You Chose Wrong" Blog Honors CYOA

The blog "You Chose Wrong" has been rapidly gaining popularity for its commemoration of particularly harsh endings to interactive fiction books. The Choose Your Own Adventure series has been previously featured on the blog, but recently received a bit of extra recognition from blog curator Andrew Weiss. 

See the post honoring CYOA here.

"Thank you, CYOA folks, for dispelling my adult paranoia as effectively as you engendered its childhood counterpart."

And see the blog in its glorious entirety here.

CYOA in Wired Magazine...Twice!

Choose Your Own Adventure Books Now Available in the iBookstore! by Jenny Williams (4/28/12)

"...My love of science fiction and geeky topics was established early in life. So I was very excited to receive an email telling me that there are now ten Choose Your Own Adventure books available in the iBookstore..."

Choose Your Own Adventure eBooks Deliver Excitement and Functionality by Jenny Williams (6/21/12)

"...None of the storylines take long to read, so these are great for when you only have a few minutes to spare. They are also fun in a group or with your kids, where you can either take turns making the choices, or decide as a group what direction you want to go. I recommend these books, both print and eBook versions, to anyone who likes to have a hand in their own adventures."

Melissa Bounty named Associate Publisher of Choose Your Own Adventure

Waitsfield, VT July 10, 2012 – Shannon Gilligan, Publisher of the well-known and loved children’s book series Choose Your Own Adventure® announced today that Melissa Bounty has been named the Associate Publisher of the series.  Bounty is based at Choose Your Own Adventure headquarters in Waitsfield, Vermont.

Bounty, who was previously the Senior Managing Editor of the series for five years, will become the first Associate Publisher for the series during its decade-long publication by Chooseco, LLC, a company formed in 2003 by series founder and author R. A. Montgomery to bring the book series back into print and also translate the famous brand into new media venues.

“Melissa joined us as a recent college graduate in the late summer of 2005,” says Gilligan.  “She has been a key figure in helping us return the series to home and library bookshelves.  Melissa brings both her own childhood passion for Choose along with a unique take on the role of books, media, and interactive experiences for children into the current publishing world.  She has been invaluable on an editorial in helping us introduce the series to a new generation in both print and electronic formats.  She also has exceptional instincts for marketing in today’s complex media environment.”

“I am incredibly proud of the work that Chooseco does and my part in it.  Choose Your Own Adventure is a transcendent brand that communicates something positive and empowering for adults who remember it and kids who are just encountering it for the first time. I think we are in exciting times for the brand, when personal technology amplifies the sense of powerful decision-making a child experiences reading an interactive story,” said Bounty. “I look forward to continuing my work here at Chooseco as we branch out into other media platforms, including film and tablet apps.”

Bounty joined the Chooseco team as a very early employee in the company’s history, and has overseen the publication of 60 titles and numerous international and digital editions.  She helped conceptualize a modernized younger reader version of the series called Dragonlarks and has recently worked to port the titles to location-tracked, touch-screen eBook for the iBookstore, forthcoming on Nook and Kindle.  A ten-year resident of Vermont, Bounty graduated Magna Cum Laude from Johnson State College, where she was the Assistant Managing Editor of the Green Mountains Review and earned a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts.

For further information, contact Shannon Gilligan at Shannon@chooseco.com.


About Chooseco, LLC

Founded in 2003, Chooseco, LLC publishes The Choose Your Own Adventure series. Widely commended for its appeal to reluctant readers, the series is among the most popular series for children ever published, with more than 255 million copies sold in 38 languages. Each story is written from a second-person point of view, with the reader assuming the role of the protagonist and making choices that determine the main character’s actions in response to the plot and its outcome. Find out more at www.cyoa.com.     


Goodbye, Old Friend


Today we at Chooseco would like to remember our dear friend, Choose Your Own Adventure author Jim Wallace.

Jim grew up in the "wilds" of Westchester county, New York in the late 1930s and 40s, spending a great deal of time outside in the pristine woods and rivers surrounding his childhood home.  He had a successful academic career, graduating from Williams College in 1959 and working on a doctorate in Literature from Yale a few years later.   Like the majority of our writers, he loved adventure and travel.  Jim lived in Norway for a year on a Fulbright Scholarship, and later in Uganda where he taught school for three years.  Africa remained very important to Jim.  A few years ago he brought his beloved son Iain to Rwanda to share the experience of living "under the African sun.”

One of Jim's most vibrant qualities was his exceptional skill at friendship.  All of us at Chooseco were more than once the recipient of a quiet, thoughtful, often pensive email, letter, or telephone call from Jim.  If a friend was upset, he meditated on why.  And when he discovered why, he meditated on how he could help.

When I began work at Chooseco as a very young person, Jim wrote me letters of encouragement with regularity and heart.  Jim had written for the series when he was himself much younger, and although I was in the early stages of beginning work as an editor, Jim was also our proofreader; so he had the first and last word on some of the books we worked on together.

On my horror at realizing there was an error in Jim's book, he wrote to me: "A fly in the soup makes things interesting."  The academic mind is one which constantly questions and analyzes, yet Jim was abundantly positive in our communications.  In his heart, he was a teacher.

I am very sad to lose Jim as a person, as well as a thinker.  As his spirit goes, so go thousands of tiny seedlings of ideas, unfinished thoughts, and creative ways of seeing things.  I hope that if you have one of Jim's books, you will take a look at it today, and appreciate the kind intelligence in his writing.

- Melissa Bounty, Associate Publisher

Edited with correction: Jim was an extremely gifted learner and teacher, graduating top of his class on full scholarships at Middlesex and Williams, but he did not receive a doctorate degree.  Instead, he left his postgraduate studies before receiving his degree, to join Teachers for East Africa, and then continued on to work in Uganda.