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Golden Path #2: Burned By the Inner Sun


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By Anson Montgomery

Are you prepared for the Desera Fox People?  The Elephant Whales?  Are you the Emerald Warrior?  Just a month ago, you lived a normal life on the surface of the Earth.  When you and your two best friends, Peter and Dresdale, were expelled from boarding school for what seemed like an innocent archeology project, you began an epic quest to find our parents and clear your name.

Even though this is your first time in the fantastical regions of the Hollow Earth, your destiny is tied to the strange beings you encounter.  You will affect the fate of this place--and it will control our destiny.  Does the Golden Path exist?

Hardcover, 196 pages

6 x 8" 

Continuing series

Suggested Reading for Grade 7

EAN: 978-1-933390-82-6