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Puppy Pack

Puppy Pack


4 Paperback Books, 37 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 5-8, this Dragonlark set is for your favorite young puppy lover. You and your best best friend Homer go on adventures that land you on the moon, as well as in a cozy movie theater. Watch out for spooks! (don't worry... not too spooky).

Haunted House

Your dog Homer is your best friend.  One afternoon he chases a white cat into a creepy old house.  You call Homer's name, but he doesn't come back!  You think this house looks haunted.  You can follow Homer inside the old house, but if you meet a ghost or ghoul, you'll have to decide what to do.  YOU choose what happens next!

Lost Dog!

One day, your dog Homer vanishes. Luckily, your sister Jessica helps you track him down. Along the way, you save a little girl’s life, stand up to a cowboy bully named Schooner, and land a spot on a radio show! You might even make some new friends.

Return to Haunted House

Homer, your pooch and loyal best friend, has created a time travel machine or a space-age airplane. He isn’t sure which. You can travel with Homer to a British manor with magic inside, or head to Thailand and meet some majestic elephants. This book is jam-packed with lots of fun information on travel and history!

Space Pup

Homer the loyal dog invites you to two of his favorite places: France, and Space. This imaginative title is often singled out as a fan favorite, and was in our publishing offices as well. Do you trust Homer as a galactic tour guide? Will he fall in love with a beautiful French poodle? Charming or wacky, you decide.

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