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Behind the Scenes at Chooseco -- Mieka Carey

Mieka joined our staff one year ago, and is one of the many strong, creative, and talented women working at our small publishing house in North Central Vermont. 

When creating the content for our Dragonlark books, Mieka works with the editors and artists to ensure that the illustrations accurately depict the words on the page. She is frequently seen sketching mock-ups for artists, googling funky outfits for the YOU, and acting out what the YOU is doing in the story, making sure that the illustrations look anatomically correct.

She's always juggling a million things, all the while with a huge smile on her face. And we love having her as a part of the team. (Ahem, she brings sweets from her mom's bakery).

Thanks for everything, Mieka!

Lizzi Adelman

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