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With the new year, we are excited to be welcoming back old friends.

Last month, we received an email from Elisabeth Lauffer, one of Chooseco's very first interns from way back in 2006. Liz let us know that she's been working on some super secret Choose-related stuff and she's back in town. Of course, we had to scoop her up. 

Below, a photo from the early days:

Pictured (from left to right): Peter Bowering, Elisabeth Lauffer, and Associate Publisher, Melissa Bounty). Circa 2006.

After leaving Chooseco, Liz bounced back and forth from Vermont to Berlin (in Germany, not Vermont), before going on to pursue a Master's Degree in Learning & Teaching from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Since then, she’s become a published German literary translator and done other super adventurously interesting things, including college counseling in India, teaching high school English, and working as Assistant Director of the Middlebury Interactive Summer Language Academy, a full-immersion summer language program for teens, where she also taught German.

Fast-forwarding ten years, we are ecstatic to welcome her back to the team as Production Editor, helping out with developing our educational materials and so much more!

P.S. We are not entirely convinced that she's aged at all. We suspect that this might be related to her secret spy activities. But again, it's all just a theory....

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