Choose Your Own Adventure Releases “Princess Island” - the First Time You are a Princess!

Choose Your Own Adventure Releases “Princess Island” - the First Time You are a Princess!

Chooseco, publisher of the interactive book series Choose Your Own Adventure® has announced the publication of a very special title aimed at the third grade reading level – Princess Island – available December 1st.

If you remember reading Choose Your Own Adventure books when you were a kid, but wondered why there was never a princess, go to #1.

If you are looking for books to inspire reluctant readers to discover a lifelong love of reading, head over to option #2.


"Why Princess Island and why now?” asks Melissa Bounty, Chooseco’s Associate Publisher. “CYOA featured every kind of adventurer over the years: race car drivers, mountain climbers, nuclear research scientists, snake wranglers, you name it. But we had never released a title set in a decidedly feminine universe, and our informal research showed it was time,” Bounty states. “The happy result is Princess Peregrine Yvette, aka 'Princess Dirt' aka Perri to her friends. She might be the most delightful 'you' yet.”

"As a member of our editorial team put it, 'who doesn’t love a kid with the manners of a gentlelady but the kneecaps of a troll?'" says publisher Shannon Gilligan, who authored the title. “I had a blast writing this book and imagining some of the problems of being a boisterous modern princess. Perri’s mother sends her off to a summer camp on Princess Island for some outdoor adventures and a bit of polishing up on her royal skills. Mayhem ensues,” Gilligan adds with a smile.

Princess Perri faces a number of choices throughout the book, prompting the reader to decide between telling the truth or keeping quiet, facing crying camp ghosts or earning merit points in hopes of winning the Cabin Cup.

“Lifelong fans of the series will know that this is a departure for Chooseco editorially, and we are excited to bring a new viewpoint into our line of interactive books,” Gilligan concludes.


For over 25 years, Choose Your Own Adventure has captured our imagination and our spirit for adventure as we have read and collected the many treasured volumes of this series. These unique books empower and challenge kids with decision-making throughout each story. The Dragonlark series, targeted at readers ages 5-8, turn young readers into the heroes of their own stories—and make reading an irresistible interactive game.

Princess Island–with a 3rd grade reading level--is sure to engage all readers as YOU, the reader, weave your way through the storylines and get to know and love spunky little Princess Perri.

About Shannon Gilligan

Shannon Gilligan currently wears the hat of Publisher in the re-launch of Choose Your Own Adventure. She is delighted to be extending the series into the world of princesses with PRINCESS ISLAND. Gilligan’s previous title was Gus Vs. the Robot King, which she wrote with her husband and series founder, R. A. Montgomery.

About Chooseco

Founded in 2003, Chooseco publishes The Choose Your Own Adventure series. Widely commended for its appeal to reluctant readers, the series is the fifth bestselling book series of all time and fourth bestselling children’s book series, with more than 265 million copies sold in over 40 languages. Each story is written from a second-person point of view, with the reader assuming the role of the protagonist and making choices that determine the main character’s actions in response to the plot and its outcome. Find out more at

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