Infosec brings Choose Your Own Adventure® magic to security awareness training

Infosec brings Choose Your Own Adventure® magic to security awareness training

Infosec today announced release of its Choose Your Own Adventure Security Awareness Games, the first series to infuse the magic of Choose Your Own Adventure® books and the power of experiential learning into security awareness and training. The best-known gamebook series in the world, Choose Your Own Adventure books have been translated into 40 languages with over 265 million books in print worldwide.

“We’re proud to introduce a first-of-its-kind approach to gamified security awareness training,” said Jack Koziol, Infosec CEO and founder. “Through our partnership with Chooseco, we're bringing the same excitement and intrigue we experienced reading Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks to the security awareness training delivered to millions of learners across the world.”  

Infosec’s new Choose Your Own Adventure Security Awareness Games help employees learn by doing and accelerate behavioral change with dozens of interactive scenarios, decisions and rewards. From turning into a zombie to being ejected into orbit as a human ice cube, choices made during Choose Your Own Adventure Security Awareness Games have real — albeit fun — consequences. Games are delivered through the Infosec IQ security awareness training platform or via an organization’s LMS, and can be played on any device with an internet connection.  

“We knew we had to go beyond badges and leaderboards to help our clients inspire behavior change and develop a culture of security,” said Koziol. “Our Choose Your Own Adventure Security Awareness Games put learners in charge of their own security awareness training program with interactive storylines that encourage critical thinking and decision making.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Infosec. They’ve adapted the concept and spirit of Choose Your Own Adventure in such a smart and clever way,” said Shannon Gilligan, CEO & Publisher at Chooseco. “The immersive Choose Your Own Adventure experience is proven to deepen engagement and speed up learning. What is typically a passive experience that can be tedious or routine now shifts to something active and engaging. I defy you to resist the Zombie Invasion experience,” she adds laughing.

Infosec’s first Choose Your Own Adventure Security Awareness Game is available now, with several more scheduled to release in coming months.

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About Chooseco

Chooseco is a purpose-built publishing house which brought the groundbreaking Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook series back to print. Since its relaunch in 2005, Chooseco has sold over 15 million copies. Based in Vermont, Chooseco boasts a creative team dedicated to promoting literacy through immersive interactive stories.