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Family Fun Pack


2 Paperback Books, 17 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 5-8, this Dragonlark set is a book pack filled with fun. Perfect for before-bedtime reading, chocked-full of never-scary nice family outings with lots of silly adventures.

Your Grandparents Are Zombies!: On a summer day, there are a lot of things you'd rather do than chores with your grandparents. After your grandparents drink the zombie potion, you can make them do whatever YOU want!  Will your zombie grandparents behave when you take them to the fair or to the movies? Or will there just be a lot of drool?

Your Grandparents Are SpiesYour parents leave you and your brother and sister in your grandparents’ care for a long weekend, and they agree to take you to the zip line park or on another adventure!  Your grandparents aren’t the type to hide behind the newspaper or fall asleep in an armchair.  They are the most fun people you know.  But how well do you really know your grandparents?  A man with a briefcase and a scar on his face is watching your every move, and you overhear a very surprising conversation.  If your grandparents are also top-secret spies on a dangerous mission, can they still babysit you?! 

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