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Popcorn Pack!


3 Paperback Books, 29 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 5-8, in this Dragonlark set, kids search for a missing dinosaur, venture into a (not-so-scary) haunted house, and concoct potions that turn people into zombies! All along with a few kernels in your teeth.

Dino Lab: At the Dino Lab, researchers work to bring dinosaurs back to life. The day you’re visiting, two baby dinos escape! It is your job, with the help of your sister Maria and your dog Homer, to find them and bring them back to the lab. Will you follow the baby dinos to the zoo? Look for them at the movie theater? Do dinosaurs eat popcorn? 

Your Grandparents are Zombies!: On a summer day, there are a lot of things you'd rather do than chores with your grandparents. After your grandparents drink the zombie potion, you can make them do whatever YOU want! Will your zombie grandparents behave when you take them to the fair or to the movies? Or will there just be a lot of drool?

The Haunted House: Your dog Homer is your best friend.  One afternoon he chases a cat into a creepy old house.  You call Homer's name, but he doesn't come back!  You think this house looks haunted.  You can follow Homer inside the old house, but if you meet a ghost or ghoul, you'll have to decide what to do.  YOU choose what happens next!

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