Spies Pack

Choose from 92 possible endings!

For readers aged 8-12, this Classic gamebook set puts readers in the shoes of real-life spies from history! Readers will dance across stages around the world, join the Revolutionary Army, spy for the resistance during World War II, and mystify audiences with their magic tricks.

Contains 6 books from the SPIES series:

Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Mata Hari by Katherine Factor: YOU are young Margaretha Zelle, a world-famous dancer from the Netherlands. You have just arrived in Bali with your dance troupe when your best friend Althea goes missing. As a master of tongues and disguises, who better to save her? But if you leave now, you will miss your chance to audition for the performance of a lifetime. 

Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: James Armistead Lafayette by Kyandreia Jones:  The year is 1781. YOU are James Armistead, a brave, literate enslaved person living in Virginia. General Lafayette approaches you with the most critical choice of your life: do you join the Revolutionary Army or find freedom on your own terms? 

Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Harry Houdini by Katherine Factor: YOU are a famous magician. You are known for your death-defying stunts and extraordinary escape acts. One day you are approached by a mysterious man with a serious request: with all of your sleight of hand and intelligence, will you become a spy to learn information abroad and help the United States?

Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Noor Inayat Khan by Rana Tahir: YOU are Noor Inayat Khan. You grew up surrounded by the lessons your parents valued the most: nonviolence, music, writing, and the arts. When World War II begins, you leave your life behind to spy for the Resistance. Will the years of training you've had in the Special Operations Executive help you go undetected by your enemies? 

Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Mary Bowser by Kyandreia Jones: YOU are part of an organized ring of women who spy in plain sight to help the Union during the Civil War. Will YOU infiltrate the Confederate White House, posing as a servant, and gather information for the Union?

Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Spy for Cleopatra by Katherine Factor: It is circa 400 A.D. and you are a young person living in ancient Egypt. You are studying with the powerful philosopher and mathematician, Hypatia. Hypatia's formulas and inventions will change the course of history, but she can't let go of an event from the past. She needs you to travel back in time to the age of Cleopatra in order to change history so the Library of Alexandria can be saved from destruction by fire. Can you do what's needed to preserve the world's most important knowledge?

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