The Uncanny

Choose from 87 possible endings!

For readers aged 7-12, this gamebook set includes some Classic titles that travel into realms of the mysterious and unknown. Wartime ghosts, zombies, and aliens haunt these pages and chase the reader with chilling tales.

Contains 4 books from the Classics series:

  • House of Danger by R. A. Montgomery: Is there evil in a glass house built on the site of a terrible Civil War prison? This is one case that maybe you shouldn’t take. Despite your successes as a young detective, the house and its missing owner have haunted you more than any other case. Unimaginable dangers, including alternate worlds and counterfeiting baboons, await you!
  • Zombie Penpal by Ken McMurtry: Your penpal Sam stopped writing to you after Hurricane Katrina destroyed her hometown of New Orleans. When a new girl arrives at your school, she reminds you of Sam—but something is wrong. Has she been put under a voodoo spell? Is she a zombie? Worse, are some of your teachers involved?
  • Mystery of the Maya by R. A. Montgomery: Your best friend Tom goes missing on assignment in Mexico. Should you take a potion that sends you back in time to the ancient Maya civilization or search for him in the present day? What secrets does Chichén Itzá hold? The wrong choice could turn you into a human sacrifice on a bloody altar.
  • Punishment: Earth by R. A. Montgomery: You are a young Orcan living on Planet Orca, where curiosity and exploration are punishable by exile. You are fascinated by your planet’s secret off-limits Lost Region. When you’re caught by the Elders they send you to a planet where curiosity is part of life: Earth.
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