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The Golden Path Set


2 Hardcover Books

For readers aged 12+, this set of The Golden Path collection takes place in a futuristic world that demands exploration. Larger consequences are at stake and the choices are critical to the ultimate destiny of the reader.  Choices from the first title lead to the second book in this epic hero's journey into the mythic hollow inner Earth.

The Golden Path Volume I: Into the Hollow Earth: Part thriller, part travelogue, part personal quest, the search for your missing parents takes multiple twists and turns as you look for the answers to the truth about your past. The decisions you and your friends make will determine your parents’ life and death, and your ultimate destiny.

The Golden Path Volume II: Burned By the Inner Sun: Just a month ago, you and your two best friends were expelled from boarding school. Now you’re on an epic quest in the fantastical regions of Hollow Earth, encountering strange beings that will determine your fate. Will these excursions allow you to find your parents and clear your name at last?

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