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Magick Box


By R. A. Montgomery and Deborah Lerme Goodman

4 paperbacks, 101 total possible endings!

The Magic of the Unicorn:

Only a unicorn's horn can purify the water in your medieval village. Thus you set off on a quest to find the unicorn that can save your people, encountering many magical beings along the way. Can you solve the town riddle and find the sorceress? Does a unicorn reside in the forest? A fire-breathing dragon, angry warlock, and powerful wood-witch all stand in your path. 

144 pages, 27 possible endings

The Throne of Zeus:

Your parents are archaeologists and think their latest finding is earth-shattering: Zeus’s fabled throne. They can’t prove what they know to be true, but maybe you can. On the summer solstice, the goddess Athena whisks you back in time to Ancient Greece to find the proof yourself. In your search for Zeus, will you fly with Icarus, battle the Minotaur, or swap lives with Hermes? Or will you join forces with Hercules, sweep seashells for Poseidon, or play a game of fetch with the three-headed dog Cerberus?

144 pages, 30 possible endings

The Trumpet of Terror:

Odin entrusted your family with his Trumpet generations ago, when one of your ancestors saved his life. Now the trumpet is yours to use and protect, although you know the rules: only blow the trumpet once in a lifetime, if something really goes wrong. You are about to board a longship with your best friend Nils and travel to new lands, but an old man with one eye asks for your help. Is this Odin, the Norse father of the gods? If you travel across the rainbow bridge into the realm of gods, will you ride in Thor's chariot and save Asgard or scramble the fate of the universe?  

144 pages, 28 possible endings

Forecast from Stonehenge:

You are an explorer and a junior detective and you've just returned to your home in London, England. The solstice is approaching and you follow a tip to Stonehenge in search of the missing heelstone. Is this mysterious contact tied to a dangerous vision of the future? Will you be tricked by the fairies? Can you entice the magical tree sprite and outwit the scary giant? 

144 pages, 16 possible endings

1.625 x 6.875 x 4.375"
EAN: 978-1-937-1336-89

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