Mini Mysteries Pack

Choose from 25 possible endings!

For readers aged 5-8, this set of gamebooks keeps young detectives on the search for clues. Unravel the mystery behind tales of lake monsters and ghosts, and decipher a real life treasure map! These gamebooks are perfect for summer fun.

Contains 3 books from the Dragonlarks series:

  • The Lake Monster Mystery by Shannon Gilligan: Many people claim to have seen Champ, the infamous Lake Monster, in Lake Champlain. This year, you are determined to find Champ. You’ll be rich and famous when you get the only photos in existence of this sea creature!
  • Princess Island by Shannon Gilligan: Meet Princess Peregrine Yvette (aka “Princess Dirt”), who has the manners of a gentlelady but the kneecaps of a troll. Princess Perri's mother sends her off to princess camp on Princess Island for a bit of polishing up on her royal skills, but Princess Dirt’s heart is in the wilds of nature.
  • Princess Perri and the Second Summer by Shannon Gilligan: Your second summer on Princess Island is finally here! You might meet the ghost of Violet Grimm or compete for the archery medal. Will you find the Cabin Cup that's been missing since your mom, the Queen, was a camper? Or will your brother ruin everything?
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  • $22.99

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