Pilot Pack

Choose from 128 possible endings!

For readers aged 7-12, this pack of gamebooks puts the reader in the pilot's seat. Launch into space, dive into the depths of the unexplored ocean, and speed past your opponents because in these books, YOU are in charge of what happens next. Grab the helm and take your imagination on a ride into adventure!

Contains 4 books from the Classics series:

  • Space and Beyond by R. A. Montgomery: You were born on a spaceship between galaxies during a dangerous research mission. Now you must choose a planet to call home. Will you choose Kenda, whose ancient life force is waning, or Croyd, located in a distant galaxy full of black holes? The mission commander demands your decision!
  • Journey Under the Sea by R. A. Montgomery: You are a deep sea explorer, about to embark on your most challenging and dangerous mission. Equipped with the latest technology, your objective is to find the mythical lost city of Atlantis. You bravely face giant squid, Great White sharks, shipwrecks, and the bends – but will you return to the surface with evidence of the underwater civilization?
  • Race Forever by R. A. Montgomery: You have been selected to race in one of the most grueling competitions in the world, the African Road Rallies. Which model car do you select? How do you avoid getting caught up in a bribery scandal or being attacked by rhinos? Or will sabotage or sandstorms get you first?
  • Behind the Wheel by R. A. Montgomery: Finally you and your cousin Hubert get to race his vintage cars for real, in Switzerland! At stake is more than just the thrill of competition or the glory of winning: you have been tapped by a syndicate to help them throw the race. If you say yes, you're defrauding everyone. But if you say no, what will they do to you?

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  • $26.99

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