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Cat Pack!


3 Paperback Books, 27 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 5-8, this Dragonlark set is for your favorite little kitten lover. Kids learn about ancient Egypt, neighborly witches, and potions that turn people into zombies! All along with your cat friends in tow.

Your Purrr-fect Birthday: It’s the eve of your birthday and your menacing cat, Fes, is acting stranger than usual. For starters, he speaks to you! Join him on a wild ride to ancient Egypt via magical hairball tea, the beginning of time by ways of a time-space machine in your closet, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Fire!Fire! is the exciting but never scary tale of your quick thinking and good decision making when a forgotten bread loaf in the oven causes a house fire. How will you bring your cat Nipper to safety and make sure the fire is quickly put out? Can your next-door neighbor help out, or is she actually a witch? Or maybe she’s a good witch, after all?

Your Grandparents are Zombies!: On a summer day, there are a lot of things you'd rather do than chores with your grandparents. After your grandparents drink the zombie potion, you can make them do whatever YOU want!  Will your zombie grandparents behave when you take them to the fair or to the movies? Or will there just be a lot of drool?

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