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Puppy Pack


4 Paperback Books, 37 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 5-8, this Dragonlark set is for your favorite young puppy lover. You and your best friend Homer go on adventures that land you on the moon, as well as in a cozy movie theater. Watch out for spooks! (don't worry... not too spooky).

The Haunted House: Your dog Homer is your best friend. One afternoon he chases a cat into a creepy old house. You call Homer's name, but he doesn't come back!  You think this house looks haunted. You can follow Homer inside the old house, but if you meet a ghost or ghoul, you'll have to decide what to do. YOU choose what happens next!

Lost Dog!: One day, your dog Homer vanishes. Luckily, your sister Jessica helps you track him down. Along the way, you save a little girl’s life, stand up to a cowboy bully named Schooner, and land a spot on a radio show! You might even make some new friends.

Return to Haunted House: Homer, your pooch and loyal best friend, has created a time travel machine or a space-age airplane. He isn’t sure which. You can travel with Homer to a magic British manor, or head to Thailand and meet some majestic elephants. This book is jam-packed with lots of fun information on travel and history!

Space PupHomer the loyal dog invites you to two of his favorite places: France, and Space. This imaginative title is often singled out as a fan favorite, and was in our publishing offices as well. Do you trust Homer as a galactic tour guide? Will he fall in love with a beautiful French poodle? Charming or wacky, you decide.

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