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The Whole Enchilada

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40 Paperback Books, Almost an Infinite* Number of Possible Endings!

The Whole Enchilada contains all titles in the classic CYOA series40 books in all!

For readers aged 9-12, this 40-book set of Classics contains a universe of death-defying, life-rattling adventures. This set combines our bestselling titles of all time with our newest releases. Follow the yeti to Shangri-La, power down the Ant People, or train with the world's most powerful ninjas and learn their ancient skills.

Each title  6.8 x 4.2 x 0.3"

40 paperbacks

CYOA Classics 1-40 shipped in one box

Read all 40 already? The Whole Enchilada collection is not complete until you have the newest addition to the Enchilada product line: The Enchilada Booster Pack. Includes: The Choose Your Own Nightmare series, as well as The Lost Archives series.

Titles included:
The Abominable Snowman
Journey Under the Sea

Space and Beyond
The Lost Jewels of Nabooti
Mystery of the Maya

House of Danger
Race Forever

Lost on the Amazon
Trouble on Planet Earth
Prisoner of the Ant People
War with the Evil Power Master

Cup of Death
The Case of the Silk King
Beyond Escape!
Secret of the Ninja

The Brilliant Dr. Wogan
Return to Atlantis
Forecast from Stonehenge
Inca Gold
Struggle Down Under
Tattoo of Death
Silver Wings
Search for the Mountain Gorillas
Moon Quest
Project UFO
Island of Time
Smoke Jumpers
Chinese Dragons
Track Star!
U.N. Adventure: Mission to Molowa
Blood on the Handle
Terror on the Titanic
Zombie Penpal
Behind the Wheel
Punishment: Earth
Curse of the Pirate Mist
Search for the Black Rhino
Pirate Treasure of the Onyx Dragon
The Trail of Lost Time

*Almost infinite.

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