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Enchilada Booster Pack
Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Mata Hari
Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger (The Board Game)
Choose Your Own Adventure Dragonlark Your Grandparents Are Ninjas
Dragons & Elves
Struggle Down Under
Magick Box
Choose Your Own Adventure #12 War With The Evil Power Master
Tattoo Of Death
Wacky Friends
Puppy Pack
Princess Perri And The Second Summer
Punishment: Earth
U.N. Adventure: Mission To Molowa
Choose Your Own Adventure #11 Trouble On Planet Earth
Choose Your Own Nightmare Book Pack
Surf Monkeys
Princess & Dragon Pack
The Throne Of Zeus
Set Of Secrets
The Whole Enchilada PLUS
Snake Invasion
War With the Evil Power Master T-shirt (unisex)