But where can I get those old Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks? Here! Rare, hard-to-find editions, autographed originals, and strange foreign editions. 

 *Many of the vintage books are used and the condition may vary. 

Vintage Trumpet of Terror #55 - SIGNED AUTHOR COPY - Great Condition
choose your own adventure rare vintage home in time for christmas cover in good condition
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Vintage Trouble on Planet Earth #29
Vintage The Miss Liberty Caper
Vintage The Search for Champ - Skylark
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Vintage The Dragons' Den #33
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Vintage The Bigfoot Mystery - Skylark
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Vintage Stampede! #180 - VERY RARE!
Vintage The Owl Tree #36 - Skylark
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Vintage The Creature from Miller's Pond #12 - Skylark
Vintage The Green Slime #6 - Skylark
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Vintage Return of the Ninja #92
Vintage Master of Tae Kwon Do #102
Vintage Master of Kung Fu #88
Vintage Earthquake! #129
Vintage Race of the Year #49 - Skylark
Vintage Indian Trail #8 - Skylark
Vintage Mona is Missing #21
Vintage Terror in Australia #81
Vintage Track of the Bear #83
Vintage Space and Beyond #4
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Vintage Beyond the Great Wall #73
Vintage Mutiny in Space #90
Vintage Your Very Own Robot #4 - Skylark