Dragons & Elves

Choose from 24 possible endings!

For readers aged 5-8, this Dragonlark gamebook set expands the readers imagination by learning to fly, experimenting with your special powers, and hunting with bravery all require responsibility and courage.

Contains 3 books from the Dragonlarks series:

  • Always Picked Last by R. A. Montgomery: You are the littlest elf and always get picked last. Well maybe it’s time to show the others what you can really do. Watch out – your secret powers will win them over!
  • Dragon Day by Anson Montgomery: Once a year, young Dragonlarks become Dragons, and learn to fly. There are big celebrations, games, and contests all day and prizes at night. Will you win a race, or grab a piece of the goblin cake?
  • Search for the Dragon Queen by Anson Montgomery: You are a young dragon who can’t fly yet. Your world is ruled by the lovely Dragon Queen. One day, the Dragon Queen disappears. You must be brave and help search for her in the swamp of endless muck and the f-f-f-freezing Ice Forest.
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