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Hero Collection


4 Paperback Books, 68 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 8-12, this set of Classic titles puts you in the hot seat, flying planes and racing cars or fighting forest fires and winning the gold. When the pressure is on to save the day or win the race, how will adversity rear its ugly head? Take the plunge and may the most heroic prevail.

Silver Wings: A day trip to Baja in your motor glider goes awry when your friends’ glider must make an emergency crash landing. This technical difficulty is just the beginning. Armed and dangerous people surround Baja, and you are doubtful you will return home any time soon.

Race Forever: You and your dad have been planning this trip to Africa for months – the chance of a lifetime to race your cars in some of the harshest conditions, facing formidable obstacles and tough competition. At the last minute he bails on you, leaving you on your own to fend off the danger of other drivers who will do just about anything to win.

Smoke Jumpers: Has your training prepared you well enough for jumping from a plane or for the unpredictability of forest fires? Your solitary treks are more tasking than you anticipated and you suspect arsonists are afoot. What will you do when you’re faced with obstacles training never described?

Track Star!: You are a young celebrity runner under many different pressures. As a student-athlete, you must stay on course and on top. Will you give in to those who think you should break the rules? How will you ultimately run the race of your life?

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