Intergalactic Pack

Choose from 32 possible endings!

For readers aged 5-8, this set of gamebooks is out of this world!

Contains 3 books from the Dragonlarks series:

  • Your Grandparents are Spies by Anson Montgomery: Your parents leave you with your grandparents for the weekend. But how well do you really know your grandparents? If your grandparents are also top-secret spies on a dangerous mission, can they still babysit you?!
  • Space Pup by by R. A. Montgomery: Your dog Homer invites you to two of his favorite places: France and Space. Do you trust Homer as a galactic tour guide? Will he fall in love with a beautiful French poodle?
  • Gus Vs. The Robot King by R. A. Montgomery: There is civil unrest in the robot news and your robot's cousin is in the middle of it. You set out to help! You'll fly over the moon in a hovercraft, discover the secret powers of jellyfish, and save the oceans and the WORLD from the threat of an ice cream sundae shortage.
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