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Medium Scary


3 Paperback Books, 29 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 5-8, this set consists of some fun Dragonlark titles with an edge of spookiness. Adventures into the unknown will keep you guessing, choosing, and re-choosing to create the ultimate (not too) creepy story.

The Haunted House: Your dog, Homer, has chased a cat into an old, rundown house. He hasn’t returned yet, so you decide to investigate, wondering whether the house is haunted. Will the creaks and moaning winds frighten you away or will you courageously find Homer?

Ghost Island: While on a sailing trip with your family, you hear rumors of a ghost on an island in the Caribbean. Are you brave enough to venture there by yourself or will you let the kids who live on the island lead you on this spy mission?

Your Grandparents Are Zombies!: Your grandparents want your help in the garden, but you had other plans in mind. This could be the perfect opportunity to use your zombie potion and control your grandparents to do what YOU want! But will they misbehave and create more trouble than it’s worth?

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