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Set of Secrets


4 Paperback Books, 84 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 8-12, this Classic set keeps everything under investigation. Disappearances and eerie happenings evoke even the slightest curiosity and will have your child wondering at length about all the details and possible endings.

Cup of Death: While on vacation in Japan, your friend tells you a valuable tea ceremony bowl has been stolen. The cultural and monetary values of this bowl are enough for you to initiate a search that will take you all over the country. What leads will you follow? Will the bowl ever be found?

The Case of the Silk King: When a package arrives in the mail from an anonymous sender, you, a savvy young detective, are skeptical about its contents and the case it describes. An American is missing in Malaysia and a witness insists he has sighted him dressed as a Buddhist monk. Will you take on the mysterious case and investigate Thailand and Malaysia or find out who the sender is first?

Blood on the Handle: Your only living relative has disappeared from his gothic mansion, leaving behind a dagger stabbed into the floor of his study, with a bloddied handle. The mansion is full of mysteries and so is your uncle’s life. How will you go about investigating the disappearance and what secrets will you uncover?

Secret of the Ninja: Mysterious things are happening where you practice martial arts with your friend, Nada. They strangely correlate to the arrival of a samurai sword. Has the sword caused these occurrences? What power does it have? Your quest to discover the reasoning behind the mysteries requires your years of aikido practice, but will it be enough?

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