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Pirate's Booty


3 Paperback Books, 41 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 8-12, this Classic set takes your child right into the heart of pirates and mystery…family mysteries, that is. Secrets hidden close to home are the most intriguing. Do the clues add up? These tales may reveal valuable treasures or ghastly dooms.

Blood On the Handle: Your only living relative has disappeared from his gothic mansion, leaving behind a dagger stabbed into the floor of his study, with a bloddied handle. The mansion is full of mysteries and so is your uncle’s life. How will you go about investigating the disappearance and what secrets will you uncover?

Pirate Treasure of the Onyx Dragon: Your kooky Aunt Lydia warns you and your sister not to dig around into family secrets while you spend the summer at her spooky old house on San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest. But it's impossible to stay away from clues that might lead you to the Onyx Dragon, a sunken ship somewhere nearby. You are certain the ship contains the answer to your family mysteryand a rich pirate's treasure!

Curse of the Pirate Mist: Your uncle writes bestselling books about high stakes adventure. Since your parents are stationed overseas, you are his travel buddy. His latest research leads you both to Guyana, in hopes of chasing down a sunken ship rumored to contain a treasure worth three TRILLION dollars. You're intrigued by tales of a strange purple mist that overtakes those who get too close to the treasure. Will you and your uncle find fame and glory... or the plot of his next novel?

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