Robot Pack

Choose from 32 possible endings!

For readers aged 5-8, this Dragonlark gamebook pack is all about exploration and adventure with your wacky robot friend, Gus.

Contains 3 books from the Dragonlarks series:

  • Your Very Own Robot by R. A. Montgomery: Using your scientist parents robot junk, you build your own robot. Gus, your quirky robot, steams when he should sing, shoots up into space without warning, and lands himself in a tank of strawberry ice cream!
  • Your Very Own Robot Goes Cuckoo-Bananas! by R. A. Montgomery: Gus is your very own robot, and your best friend. Your parents tell you that if he gets into trouble one more time, he s going in the trash! You and Gus are left alone one afternoon, and before long he disappears. You ve got to find your robot before he ends up at the dump!
  • Gus Vs. The Robot King by R. A. Montgomery: There is civil unrest in the robot news and your robot's cousin is in the middle of it. You set out to help! You'll fly over the moon in a hovercraft, discover the secret powers of jellyfish, and save the oceans and the WORLD from the threat of an ice cream sundae shortage.

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    • $22.99

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