The Adventurers' Backpack

Choose from 97 possible endings!

For readers aged 8-12, this Classic gamebook set takes readers on three epic journeys. From searching the Australian outback, to flying a hot air balloon through the Sahara desert and deep-sea diving in Atlantis. The adventures are almost endless!

Contains 3 books from the Classics series:

  • Struggle Down Under by Shannon Gilligan: Your uncle Gilroy unearths an amulet that proves the existence of an ancient civilization called Satyrion, and ends years of research in the Australian outback. But he needs your help. His search is threatened by traitors and crime syndicates who believe the area holds another treasure—uranium!
  • By Balloon to the Sahara by D. Terman: You and your friends take a hot air balloon ride while visiting France. But where will the winds of fate take you? A storm threatens to mire the balloon in the Mediterranean Sea. If you make it across the sea to Africa, will you find safety? The Sahara Desert is full of danger, wonder, and magic—treasure hunters and space aliens among them!
  • Journey Under the Sea by R. A. Montgomery: You are a deep sea explorer, about to embark on your most challenging and dangerous mission. Equipped with the latest technology, your objective is to find the mythical lost city of Atlantis. You bravely face giant squid, Great White sharks, shipwrecks, and the bends – but will you return to the surface with evidence of the underwater civilization?
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  • $19.99

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