The Golden Path Set

For readers aged 12+, this set of The Golden Path books takes place in a futuristic world where larger consequences are at stake and the choices are critical to the ultimate destiny of the reader. Choices from the first title lead into the second book in this epic hero's journey into the mythic hollow inner Earth.

Contains 2 books from the Golden Path series:

  • The Golden Path Volume 1 by Anson Montgomery: Your normal day at boarding school turns into a dangerous journey to inner earth when your parents go missing, and you are accused of harboring secrets. The choices you make will shape the future of the world you live in, and they will also lead you from this book into the next.
  • The Golden Path Volume 2 by Anson Montgomery: Your destiny in the Hollow Earth depends on the choices you have made so far. Are you the Emerald Warrior? Can you defeat the Desera Fox People and the Elephant Whales? Does the Golden Path even exist?
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  • $20.99

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