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The Uncanny


4 Paperback Books, 87 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 7-12, this set includes some Classic titles that travel into realms of the mysterious and unknown. Wartime ghosts, zombies, and aliens haunt these pages and chase the reader with chilling tales.

House of Danger: You are a young detective fearful of nothing, except a modern glass house built on the site of a terrible Civil War prison. The missing owner and the possibility of vengeful spirits lurking in the basement haunt you. Will you ever gain enough knowledge of American history to keep you from danger?

Zombie Penpal: You once were fascinated by your penpal’s zombie and voodoo-filled lifestyle down in New Orleans, but when a new girl at school arrives who eerily reminds you of your friend, you wonder if she’s brought the zombies to you! Will you find her spine-tingling tales from the south as intriguing when they become your reality in Maine? Protect yourself from these brain-feasting creatures!

Mystery of the Maya: When your best friend goes missing in Mexico, you immediately join the search party. Little do you know your hunting will lead to time-travel, modern-day warfare, or bloody altars! Who can you trust when you’re plunged into the world of the Mayans?

Punishment: Earth: What will rebellious tendencies lead to on Planet Orca? You’ve never dreamed of straying from your home’s strict rules, but when you find a history of your planet you never knew of, your curiosity may punish you to life on the mysterious planet Earth!

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