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Wacky Friends


3 Paperback Books, 31 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 5-8, contains 3 titles.  Explore friendly adventures with your very mischievous robot, Gus, and your loyal best friend, your dog Homer.

Your Very Own Robot: You are enticed by robot scraps you find in the trash that your scientist parents don’t want. If you can figure out how to build it, you could have a robot all for yourself!

Your Very Own Robot Goes Cuckoo Bananas!: Last time you rescued a robot, he made things go crazy! Your parents weren’t too pleased. Can you trust him to behave this time or will he go cuckoo bananas in from of your friends?

Lost Dog!: Homer is your dog and best friend. You like to go off on adventures together, but one day, he disappears. How will you find him? Can a trail of clues help you? And what will you find at the end of the trail?

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