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Warrior Collection


4 Paperback Books, 79 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 7-12, this Classic title selection takes different looks at the ancient days of China and Japan. What cultural lessons can be learned from the martial arts and how can they be used to fight enemies both real and supernatural?

Secret of the Ninja: Mysterious things are happening where you practice martial arts with your friend, Nada. They strangely correlate to the arrival of a samurai sword. Has the sword caused these occurrences? What power does it have? Your quest to discover the reasoning behind the mysteries requires your years of aikido practice, but will it be enough?

Cup of Death: While on vacation in Japan, your friend tells you a valuable tea ceremony bowl has been stolen. The cultural and monetary values of this bowl are enough for you to initiate a search that will take you all over the country. What leads will you follow? Will the bowl ever be found?

Chinese Dragons: No longer a slave on your uncle’s farm, you venture into a wildly changing world in 7th century China. You are out on your own amidst powerful warriors. You must fend for yourself and figure out who you will become.

Tattoo of Death: You befriend two boys at your martial arts studio, and before you know it, you have become a part of their Red Flower Gang. Their hasty undercover smuggling is no operation you want to be a part of, but how do you fend off their menacing threats?

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