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Witchy Pack


4 Paperback Books, 83 Possible Endings!

For readers aged 8-12, this Classic set is full of fantasy, magic, witchcraft, and enchantment. Search for a magical unicorn's horn and try to out-smart a wizard, enjoy a fantastical fairy feast, travel back in time, and watch out! You might end up an amphibian in a zoo with no magical spells to "turn back."

The Magic Of The Unicorn: Only a unicorn's horn can purify the water in your medieval village. Thus YOU set off on a quest to find the unicorn that can save your people, encountering many magical beings along the way.

Forecast From Stonehenge: Twig has a lead on the missing heelstone—a gathering of Druids and an elusive contact: Alastair Shepherd. While in pursuit, you encounter hobgoblins, fairies, the land of the giants, and a mysterious Golden Sickle, all of which coalesce into a magical adventure.

Eighth Grade Witch: A move to a creepy Brooklyn brownstone adds tumult to your eighth grade year. The fact that your parents are professional Demonologists doesn't help. Strange neighbors report that your house was abandoned because it's haunted. Evil and spooky coincidences follow you from your new home to your new school. Are you the victim of "new girl" pranks, or is your house a creepy portal through time?

Island Of Time: En route to Providence Island, you and Jayme (your worry-wart friend) encounter a storm that knocks you off course. If you arrive at all, some strange occurrences cross your path on shore. Travel back in time, meet a legendary lake monster, and explore the dense forest. Watch out for mysterious burial grounds, and tempt your fate as you trust a glowing light orb and step outside of your circle of life.

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