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The Case Of The Silk King

The Case Of The Silk King


The Case Of The Silk King


By Shannon Gilligan

You are a detective with a couple of big cases under your belt, despite your youth.  An envelope containing a plane ticket to Bangkok, Thailand, two thousand dollars and a newspaper story about a disappearance arrives in the mail.  The story tells of a well-known American named Jim Thompson who disappeared while visiting friends in Malaysia.  Foul play was suspected and the case was never solved.  But now someone thinks they've spotted Thompson living as a Buddhist monk in northern Thailand.  Should you take the case?

Your investigation will take you to the jungles of Malaysia, the baked and arid plains of north eastern Thailand, and the back alleys of a not-so-friendly Bangkok.  Will you find Jim Thompson?  Or will you just find his same end?

Paperback, 144 pages

6.8 x 4.2 x 0.3"

38 BW illustrations

19 possible endings

Suggested Reading for Grade 5

EAN: 978-1-933390-14-7

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