Thanks New England! Anson Montgomery's Book Tour Comes to a Close

Thanks to all of the great stores, store owners, friends and fans of the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook series for making Anson Montgomery's book tour a great success! We kicked things off at G. Willikers in Portsmouth, NH pictured in the lower right hand corner. Our next stop at Jeff Kinney's awesome new store, An Unlikely Story, was full of special guest appearances (of which included Jeff Kinney himself! As well as CYOA Bantam-era Editor, Charlie Kochman), pictured upper left. Our final hurrah was at our favorite local store, Bridgeside Books in Waterbury, VT. Troves of kids attended and we read through one of Anson's most popular titles, Your Grandparents are Zombies! All and all we had tons of fun and can't wait to see you all again. Stay tuned for more tour dates in the new year!

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