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Studies have shown that Choose Your Own Adventure books increase children's reading comprehension and literacy rates more quickly than linear stories. For more information on how to use interactive books with your reluctant reader, as well as the research behind Choose Your Own Adventure books, see below.

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"Choose Your Own Adventure Books Increase Kids’ Reading Comprehension and Literacy Rates More Quickly Than Linear Stories."

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To download the Choose Your Own Adventure Levels, click here.

The levels we publish currently are Guided Reading Levels assessed by an independent reading specialist who used the Fountas & Pinnell text level gradient. Word length, vocabulary, and sentence length all come into play.  This blog post breaks their method down into basics:
We also have had certain titles “lexiled,” which is a different leveling tool: 
The Guided Reading Level assessment is newer and more thorough, therefore we recommend using the Guided Reading Levels for the best assessment.
All of this said, the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook series is particularly tough to level and to work with in very strict leveling-based environments because the autonomy granted to the reader of picking which way to go in the story also means a particular set of text can’t be guaranteed to be reached. We tend to therefore list our (for middle grades, exceptionally wide) interest levels as well as any formal reading level because our books are very popular with both reluctant and above-level readers, as well as those in specialized reading situations such as adults working on literacy or people learning English.