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What does Chooseco publish?   Chooseco LLC was formed in 2003 by series founder R. A. Montgomery to republish some of the bestselling titles in the original Choose Your Own Adventure® series. Since then, we have reintroduced 36 titles from the original series and seven brand new books in our "classic" series.  (The first, the best, the biggest...for readers 8-12).  Two of these classics are “From the Lost Archives,” books of mythic proportions released in 2015 after a long wait.

We have also published 19 CYOA books for younger readers under our Dragonlarks imprint.  These books are shorter, with a larger page format and vibrant color artwork (aimed at readers aged 5-8).   Chooseco has introduced CYOA: The Golden Path, an original three volume hardcover series written by Anson Montgomery.  The Golden Path series is our experiment with a "longer form" version of interactive fiction for slightly older readers (Age 12+).  

Where is Chooseco located?  How can I contact you?  Chooseco is located in north central Vermont. You can write us or any of our authors: C/O Chooseco P.O. Box 46 Waitsfield VT 05673 or email us via the Contact Us form.  

Who do I speak with about licensing rights or the Choose Your Own Adventure brand?  Please email and we'll put you in touch with the appropriate contact at the company. 

 How can I receive one of your catalogs?  To request a catalog, please email with your mailing information or call us toll free at 1-800-564-3468.  You may also download our current catalog here

Do you offer premium sales?  We offer discounts to wholesale customers and groups that wish to purchase more than 100 units of a single title. Please contact for more information. 

How do I get permissions to use images/copy from one of your books?  You can request permission to use cover images, interior artwork, or to quote long passages by writing to 

How do I submit my book idea?  Do you accept manuscripts?  Please download our Submission Guidelines here.  

How can I submit my artwork for consideration?  Chooseco works with artists from around the world. We are happy to consider your work. Please contact us at and we'll discuss the best way to view your portfolio.  Please do not send attachments over 5MB without contacting us beforehand.

What is your donations/corporate giving policy?  We make donation decisions on an individual basis. Please contact and we will be in touch. 

How can I contact one of your authors?  You can reach our authors via the Contact Us form on the website. 

How can I get a review copy of one of your books?  Limited numbers of review copies are available before new titles are produced. If you review books for an online or print publication, please contact and we will add you to our mailing list. 

I'm having a problem accessing your site.  Please contact and let us know what browser you are using and the specifics about your problem. If you are having problems with ordering, please contact