Chooseco to Release Third and Final Book in WEREGIRL Trilogy

Chooseco to Release Third and Final Book in WEREGIRL Trilogy

Chooseco, known for bestselling children's series Choose Your Own Adventure(R) will release the third and final installment in the WEREGIRL trilogy this November.

In 2016, Chooseco took the leap into linear YA literature with the publication of C. D. Bell's WEREGIRL, the story of Nessa Kurland, a high school runner who transforms into a werewolf. Chooseco published Bell's second installment CHIMERA in 2017, and both novels have received the highest praise from press and teen readers as a "feminist take" on the otherwise male-dominated narrative.

"The Weregirl trilogy features a protagonist worth looking up to," Melissa Bounty, Chooseco Associate Publisher, notes. "Nessa is a strong-willed heroine who cares about things other than teen romance. Things like getting into college and protecting her family from the gene-modified monster wolves roaming around her hometown of Tether, MI." 
In the third book, Bell ratchets things up again, delivering a high-intensity teen thriller that won't disappoint.

"WEREGIRL: TYPHON," is to be released in the United States on November 1.

C. D. Bell and the Weregirl trilogy were featured at this year's BookExpo in NYC, where she spoke about the importance of transformation and animal-hybrids in teen fiction.

"I feel like Nessa has evolved into something much bigger, something so much more important than we had originally realized when we were working on the first book," Bell recounts. "Nessa isn't just a superhero facing down superficial villains. She is a smart, dedicated, super powerful young person who sees the urgency of protecting nature, and then does something about it. She is really the voice of today's teen generation."

In Bell's conclusion to the trilogy, Nessa is faced with new challenges following her mother's death. She and her two younger siblings are relocated to her father's "living lab"-a compound abutting a huge expanse of wilderness filled with organisms unlike anywhere in the world. Animals, plants, and animal-human hybrids created inside his Chimera Corp. laboratory inhabit the dense Oregon woods. Nessa's father, Daniel Host, has called together a group of top-level genetic scientists and researchers to reveal his greatest creation yet. All eyes are on him, and a storm is coming.

In WEREGIRL: TYPHON, Bell ignites the pages, testing the bonds of not only family, but of sisters. When Nessa is faced with the ultimate choice, will everyone make it out alive? 
Filled with tragedy, compassion, and absolute magic, WEREGIRL: TYPHON is a breathtaking conclusion of the Weregirl saga, proving to be THE not-to-be-missed YA novel of the fall season.

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About Chooseco 
Founded in 2003, Chooseco publishes the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook series and WEREGIRL. Widely commended for its appeal to reluctant readers, the Choose Your Own Adventure series is the 4th bestselling book series of all time, with more than 270 million copies sold in over 40 languages. Each story is written from a second-person point of view, with the reader assuming the role of the protagonist and making choices that determine the main character's actions in response to the plot and its outcome. Find out more at

About C. D. Bell 
When she's not hanging out with her two children and husband in Brooklyn, NY, you can find C. D. Bell (Cathleen Davitt Bell) writing in a decrepit RV clinging to the side of a hill in upstate New York, trying to teach herself to watercolor, or inventing her own recipes. Bell is a voracious reader of anything and everything fantasy, supernatural, or romance. And she swears that the monsters she often writes about are not real-at least she hopes not. C. D. Bell received her undergraduate degree from Barnard College and her MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University, and is the author of the novels Weregirl, Weregirl: Chimera, Weregirl: Typhon, Slipping, Little Blog on the Prairie, I Remember You, and a co-author of The Amanda Project.

To find out more about CHIMERA and the Weregirl trilogy, please contact Elizabeth Adelman at weregirl(at)chooseco(dot)com or by telephone at 802-496-2598.

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