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  • True Story: Deborah Lerme Goodman, author of four original Choose Your Own Adventure books, went out to dinner at Waypoint in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. At the end of her meal, the bill was delivered to her inside one of her... own... books! Deborah’s first reaction to receiving her bill tuck... View Post
  • Summer reading is vital to kids' healthy learning development. To keep literacy, reading, and comprehension (all of the stuff they are working on in school) on course, kids need to keep their minds active. But it can be hard to stay put with a book when the sun is shining and the boat is already ... View Post
  • CYOA Clip: The Choose Your Own Adventure® books were featured on the Today Show as the perfect “summer camp send-off” books: “I love these, my sons love these, you can read them time and time again and have a different ending. They are really fun and are great becaus... View Post