What will Your Grandparents do next?

Anson Montgomery has penned several Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks and among his fans' favorites are his lovingly unique "Grandparents."  Choose is famous for exploring every place and story idea under the sun, but our most unanimous five-star reviews are for Anson's Grandparents titles.  And the fans are not just actual grandparents.

As an eight-year-old reader told me recently, "My favorite characters in Choose Your Own Adventure are Your Grandparents.  I don't think every kid has grandparents like these but I do."

Previously, "your grandparents" did an especially poor job babysitting you after falling for your "zombie potion" trick and turning into zombies; they followed up by revealing a secret past as spies that takes you from NASA to Costa Rica.

In "Your Grandparents are Ninjas," you are helping a world-famous Japanese pop star prepare for a wedding at your grandparents' inn.  Her luxurious lifestyle has drawn the attention of photographers and jewel thieves, and you and your grandparents must help protect her on her special day.

This title goes on sale 11/1/17.  For the first time in CYOA history, it was so popular that all of our early copies from the printer have already been snagged.  You can order yours from cyoa.com or your favorite place books are sold.


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