The Forest is Full of Secrets: Fall’s Hotly Anticipated YA title CHIMERA: A Weregirl Novel Hits Stores Today with Top Critical Reviews

The Forest is Full of Secrets: Fall’s Hotly Anticipated YA title CHIMERA: A Weregirl Novel Hits Stores Today with Top Critical Reviews

Chooseco’s Paranormal YA Trilogy Receives Universal Praise for its Second Release

The Weregirl trilogy celebrates the release of its second title with overwhelming positive reviews.

CHIMERA: A Weregirl Novel by C. D. Bell [Chooseco Publishing] follows last year’s release WEREGIRL with a powerful sequel. Weregirl, named Teen Vogue’s YA Must-Read of November, enthralled fans with the superhero origin story of high school athlete Nessa Kurland, whose wolf encounter on a nighttime run leads to her magical transformation into a weregirl. Weregirl broke sales records for Chooseco in its first weeks of publication, and talented YA writer Cathleen Bell was happy to continue working with the six-person team responsible for crafting the trilogy.

CHIMERA sees Nessa elevating her werewolf powers, which become critical. She returns home from a run with her werewolf boyfriend Luc (sorry, you'd better read Weregirl #1 if you missed that!) to find Homeland Security stomping through her house and dragging her mother off to jail with no reasonable explanation. The forest is full of secrets, and Nessa Kurland is just one of them. The woods are crawling with corporate contamination and its dangerous cover-up, and Nessa learns her family’s story goes much deeper than the life she knows in Tether, Michigan.

Fans have been overjoyed to see Nessa’s return to the page, and critics have also been universal in their praise for CHIMERA: 
“This series offers an interesting twist for readers…wanting to sink their teeth into shape-shifter lore. Throw in a strong female lead and an interesting Dr. Moreau-like medical thriller, and this has the makings of a hit.” –Booklist

“★★★★★. Chimera is a fast-paced young-adult adventure that features a solid female protagonist and plenty of twists and turns. As a sequel, it does an excellent job of hinting at events that came before, without revealing too much…Nessa’s struggles with who she is will be familiar to anyone who has worked to find his or her own identity, and the fantasy portions of the novel never hijack the character development that is at the heart of the story. CHIMERA is a page-turner as well as a thought-provoking examination of what it means to be human.” –Foreword

CHIMERA: A Weregirl Novel by C. D. Bell is available nationwide on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

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About Chooseco 
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About C. D. Bell 
When she's not biking the streets of Brooklyn, NY, you can find C. D. Bell writing in a decrepit RV clinging to the side of a hill in upstate New York, trying to teach herself to watercolor, or inventing her own recipes. She is a voracious reader of anything and everything fantasy, supernatural, or romance. And she swears that the monsters she often writes about are not real—at least she hopes not. 

Created by a talented team of six female writers and inspired by the ”writer’s room” of television, C. D. Bell is a Chooseco author pseudonym developed with teen author Cathleen Davitt Bell, who has written I Remember You [Knopf 2015], among other novels for young adults.

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