Berlanti Productions Joins Davis Entertainment and Chooseco as Producers of the Interactive Feature

Twentieth Century Fox Film (TCFF) announced that they are licensing Kino Industries’ CtrlMovie technology for the Studio’s upcoming film, CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE. The patented technology will allow in-theater audiences to control the outcome of the film using the app developed and created by Kino. This is the first film in a potential multi-film partnership utilizing this innovative technology. The announcement was made Thursday during the CinemaCon presentation for TCFF in Las Vegas.

The film, based on the iconic 1980s book series that sold over 265 million copies worldwide, is currently in development at TCFF with John Davis and John Fox of Davis Entertainment, Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter of Berlanti Productions, Daniela Taplin Lundberg of Stay Gold Features, and Shannon Gilligan of Chooseco, the publisher of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” brand, attached to produce. Mike Ireland will oversee the project for TCFF.  

Using the audience’s smart devices, the simple to use CtrlMovie app and a local Wi-Fi connection, the technology enables the audience to influence the storyline based on majority votes. The audience is put under the same time pressures as the protagonists allowing for a seamless narrative based on their selections. And with hundreds of storyline combinations, the beginning, middle and end can be different in each viewing.

About Twentieth Century Fox Film

One of the world’s largest producers and distributors of motion pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Film produces, acquires and distributes motion pictures throughout the world.  These motion pictures are produced or acquired by the following units of Twentieth Century Fox Film: Twentieth Century Fox, Fox 2000 Pictures, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Animation and Fox Family.


About Kino Industries

Kino Industries is a recently-formed company which is at the forefront of the convergence of entertainment and cutting-edge technology. Founded in early 2017, Kino is comprised of two subsidiaries: CtrlMovie SA, a Swiss technology/media company responsible for a new, exciting technology that allows filmmakers to create participative, choose-your-own-adventure type motion pictures, as well as the producer of Late Shift, the world’s first cinematic interactive movie; and Silvatar Media LLC, a Hollywood-based entertainment company that focuses on creating, financing and producing independent and studio motion pictures and ancillary product that appeal to a global audience. Asset management company Aviron Capital, financed primarily by BlackRock, the world's largest wealth management company, has acquired a substantial equity stake in Kino.