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6 Book Box Set #2


By R. A. Montgomery

6 paperbacks, 166 total possible endings!
#7 Race Forever:
As soon as you could see over the steering wheel of an SUV, your father began teaching you about cars and driving.  Now you're off to Africa for your first rally on your own.  Are you ready to face the toughest driving conditions in the world and even tougher competitors?

144 pages, 33 possible endings

#8 Escape:
The year is 2045.  Civil wars and foreign attacks have split the U.S. into three hostile political areas.  You are a citizen of Turtalia, a new democracy that struggles under the control of a harsh neighboring state, Dorado.  You have successfully infiltrated Dorado and obtained important information about their plans to invade Turtalia, but will you be able to make it home alive? 

144 pages, 27 possible endings

#9 Lost on the Amazon:
The Amazon River basin is home to the greatest biodiversity on planet Earth.  As a young doctor you look to these natural resources as potential cures for dangerous epidemics.  But when your medical team mysteriously disappears in the jungle you quickly learn that while this land can save lives it can also endanger them.

144 pages, 28 possible endings

#10 Prisoner of the Ant People:
You have been a researcher for Zondo Quest Group II for three years.  Your mission: to combat the Evil Power Master, a little-known entity who is attempting to destroy individual planets one by one in his quest to control the universe.  Word is that the Evil Power Master has formed an alliance with the fearsome Ant People.  And today most members of your team are missing.  You suspect that you are being deceived by someone within the Zondo Quest Group itself.  It's up to you to save the world, and your friends, from the Evil Power Master!

144 pages, 28 possible endings

#11 Trouble on Planet Earth:
Everyone knows that Earth has limited oil reserves.  When they start mysteriously disappearing you start investigating.  You never expected the case to lead you into outer space where you discover that a galaxy beyond the Milky Way seems to be siphoning Earth's oil!  The world's economy and life as you know it will crash to a halt, unless you can stop them.

144 pages, 22 possible endings

#12 War with the Evil Power Master:
News Alert: Sudden total destruction of planets Haemog and Arouth, sector 31-47-89.  Evil Power Master claims responsibility.  The Evil Power Master is back and seeking revenge.  You are the commander of the Lacoonian System Rapid Force response team, in charge of protecting all planets in the system.  It's up to you to save the Lacoonian System from further destruction!

144 pages, 28 possible endings

4.5 x 6.875 x 4.375"
EAN: 978-1-933390-92-5

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