6 Book Boxed Set #2

Choose from 166 possible endings!

4th Bestselling Children's Book Series of all Time – Wikipedia

This 6-book boxed set of interactive, children's classics contains four bestselling books from the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook series, together in a bright gift box.

  • Race Forever by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU on a high-speed, high-stakes race car adventure through the rugged African countryside. Speed through the challenging racecourse over grasslands and mountains, putting your stamina and strategy to the test, encountering both crocodiles and crooks along the way!
  • Escape by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU on an adventure to an alternate, near-distant dystopian universe in the future. Take on a secret spy mission to Dorado, the repressive police state that now occupies New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.
  • Lost on the Amazon by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU on an adventure to the magical Amazon River basin, home to the greatest biodiversity on planet Earth. Trek through the jungle and help the South & Central American forest people fight a tropical disease epidemic, while confronting evil spirits at every turn!
  • Prisoner of the Ant People by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU on an otherworldly adventure as you fight off the feared Ant People, who have recently joined forces with the Evil Power Master. Battle the infamous villain, the Evil Power Master, as part of the Zondo Quest Group.
  • Trouble on Planet Earth by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU on an ecological, crime-solving adventure as you and your magical brother try to figure out what is draining Earth's oil reserves. Challenge dangerous weather goons, meet mysterious beings from beyond, and save the world from imminent doom!
  • War with the Evil Power Master by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU on an intergalactic space adventure to defeat the Evil Power Master once and for all! Face the most evil villain that's ever lived, explore the greater galaxy, and bravely lead the Lacoonian System Rapid Force team.
  • $35.99
  • $35.99

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R. A. Montgomery

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    September 1, 2012

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