The Mona Lisa is Missing!

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Just two weeks before your family’s summer trip to Paris, the world’s most famous painting, the MONA LISA, is stolen from the Musée du Louvre. This crime in the heart of the French capital is unimaginably bold! When the Sûreté (France’s FBI) learns that you solved the theft of another important painting last year in Washington D.C., they ask you to fly over early to help them work on the investigation. You land in Paris a few days later and are faced with an immediate choice. Your good friend Pierre tells you that he needs to meet urgently. He thinks he has an important lead to the robbers. But the officials of the Sûreté are waiting…

Will you make the right choices and find the Mona Lisa before it disappears from public view forever?

Choose from 23 endings!

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  • $7.99

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Ramsey Montgomery

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    September 17, 2024

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