Ninja Box

Choose from 79 possible endings!

This 4-book boxed set of interactive, children's classics contains four bestselling books from the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook series, together in a bright gift box.

  • The Secret of the Ninja by Jay Leibold takes YOU on a high-stakes ninja adventure. You are a skilled ninja visiting your friend Nada's dojo in Japan when a mysterious sword arrives and a number of strange happenings start to occur. The sansei believes that you might be able to uncover the secrets behind the sword if you travel back in time to learn its origins. 
  • Tattoo of Death by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU on a high-stakes tai chi adventure as you help protect your martial arts studio from a gang of smugglers in Los Angeles, California. You befriend two boys at your martial arts studio, and before you know it, they force you to join their gang, the notorious Red Flowers. 
  • The Lost Ninja by Jay Leibold takes YOU from Japan to San Francisco. You are far from the magical dojo you once called home. Now you practice aikido and catch up with your old friends when you can. But has the dojo's strange curse followed you into your new life? 
  • Return of the Ninja by Jay Leibold takes YOU back to your friend Nada's magical dojo in Japan. Nada believes there is an ancient curse so powerful that it is killing her grandmother. YOU are a courageous ninja, but the threats to Nada's dojo will take all of your skills. 
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    • $23.99

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      October 1, 2019

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