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4 Book Box Set #2


By R. A. Montgomery

4 paperbacks, 119 total possible endings!

#5 Mystery of the Maya:
Your best friend Tom goes missing on assignment in Mexico.  You have to help find him.  Your search could bring you back in time to the mysterious Mayan civilization, or into a modern revolution.  The wrong choice could turn you into a human sacrifice on a bloody altar.

144 pages, 39 possible endings

#6 House of Danger:
You are an accomplished young detective with several tough cases under your belt.  Then comes a case that is as difficult as it is frightening.  An anonymous caller begs for help.  But before you can find out more, the line goes dead...  The case leads you to a house with a truly evil secret.

144 pages, 20 possible endings

#7 Race Forever:
As soon as you could see over the steering wheel of an SUV, your father began teaching you about cars and driving.  Now you're off to Africa for your first rally on your own.  Are you ready to face the toughest driving conditions in the world and even tougher competitors?

144 pages, 33 possible endings

#8 Escape:
The year is 2045.  Civil wars and foreign attacks have split the U.S. into three hostile political areas.  You are a citizen of Turtalia, a new democracy that struggles under the control of a harsh neighboring state, Dorado.  You have successfully infiltrated Dorado and obtained important information about their plans to invade Turtalia, but will you be able to make it home alive? 

144 pages, 27 possible endings

 1.625 x 6.875 x 4.375"
EAN: 978-1-933390-95-6

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