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What will Your Grandparents do next?

Melissa Bounty

Anson Montgomery has penned several Choose Your Own Adventure titles and among his fans' favorites are his lovingly unique "Grandparents."  Choose is famous for exploring every place and story idea under the sun, but our most unanimous five-star reviews are for Anson's Grandparents titles.  And the fans are not just actual grandparents.

As an eight-year-old reader told me recently, "My favorite characters in Choose Your Own Adventure are Your Grandparents.  I don't think every kid has grandparents like these but I do."

Previously, "your grandparents" did an especially poor job babysitting you after falling for your

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Roll back the clock—Choose Your Own Adventure title Journey Under the Sea celebrates 40th birthday!

Lizzi Adelman

There are a number of celebrities, words, movies, and pass-times that are turning 40 this year. But none greater than our very own Choose Your Own Adventure JOURNEY UNDER THE SEA by R. A. Montgomery. 

Starting Wednesday, August 9th, we are rolling back the clocks to Journey's original sale price of $1.25!!! 

To continue the celebrations, we've compiled a list of our favorite 1977 gems...


First making waves in the mid-70s, "wedgie" was formally inducted into the Oxford English Dictionary in 1977. Although we have a feeling that the practice was in place before the OED caught wind...

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Exclusive Interview with C. D. Bell, Author of the WEREGIRL Trilogy

Lizzi Adelman

Tell us more about your writing process. Has it changed from Book 1 to Book 2?

I think that the writing process for Book 1 was very, very fast. I wrote the first few pages on the plane on the way home from the retreat and I just didn't stop writing the whole time. All I know is that I was writing a lot. I was definitely revising and researching while I went. I was definitely doing a lot of that. Book 2 we had more time and in a way the Book 2 writing process wasn't easier—it was harder. You know,...

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Jillian Conner

After months of excruciating secret-keeping, we can finally break the news. As of this May, two of our most beloved titles are finally back in print!

Surf Monkeys by Jay Leibold and The Magic of the Unicorn by Deborah Lerme Goodman released May 1st in the FROM THE LOST ARCHIVES series.

The moment the boxes of books arrived at our office, we pounced.













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Lizzi Adelman

With the new year, we are excited to be welcoming back old friends.

Last month, we received an email from Elisabeth Lauffer, one of Chooseco's very first interns from way back in 2006. Liz let us know that she's been working on some super secret Choose-related stuff and she's back in town. Of course, we had to scoop her up. 

Below, a photo from the early days:

Pictured (from left to right): Peter Bowering, Elisabeth Lauffer, and Associate Publisher, Melissa Bounty). Circa 2006.

After leaving Chooseco, Liz bounced back and forth from Vermont to...

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