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Enter to win an autographed edition of the NEWEST Choose Your Own Nightmare - SNAKE INVASION by Doug Wilhelm.

To celebrate the expansion of the Choose Your Own Nightmare series, we are offering fans the chance to win an exclusive Author-signed copy of SNAKE INVASION, the third title in the series.

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Choose Your Own Nightmare Snake Invasion 


By Doug Wilhelm

Humans are responsible for the extinction of animal species and other changes to our planet.  Sometimes these changes are caused by the most insignificant-seeming decisions. When the residents of your small Florida town allowed some Burmese pythons to “go free” into the Everglades, they didn’t consider that unlike in their natural habitats, here in the United States, these snakes have no natural predators—and limited prey.  Your safe suburban town is about to be surrounded by renegade snakes who have spent the last several years quietly eating all of the mammals they can find in the swamp.  They had enough to eat for a while.  But now they are hungry.  And you might be their next snack!

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