Chooseco Presents at the Book Expo

"I LOVED the Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid!"

We heard a lot of similar chatter (like the quote above) from excited fans in the book industry (and beyond) at our booth at the Book Expo of America this past May. 

Sentiments like: "These are the books that got me reading" from numerous attendees made the trip out to Chicago that much more rewarding.

It was such a pleasure to connect with bloggers, booksellers and buyers, librarians, and fans. More than one librarian teared up when recalling how important the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks were to her personally, and how thankful she is that the books are available for kids learning to read today. Especially for her reluctant readers. 

Chooseco announced the preliminary findings of a white paper study out of Ohio University, showing how Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks are more effective for increasing literacy and comprehension in young readers.

We also debuted our upcoming title WEREGIRL, a YA thriller that's a complete deviation from the interactive series. WEREGIRL is a linear book detailing the magical transformation of cross-country runner Nessa Kurland into a shape-shifter after a seemingly chance encounter with a trapped wolf.

The WEREGIRL galleys were flying off the shelves and everyone kept telling us... 

There's something about those EYES


Thanks to Reed Exhibitions, Freeman Corp, and the entire BEA Team for a wonderful show. We had such a fantastic time!

For everything CYOA: here's our complete list.

For more info on the white paper study: click here.

For everything WEREGIRL: visit

Pssst... check out some behind the scenes shots of Chooseco at BEA. The before/after shots are pretty amazing! Go Team!


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