Since the second printing of Choose Your Own Adventure, back in 1979, the books have opened with actual responses from kids.

Interactive Books for Reluctant Readers

These “kids” are adults now and we’ve heard from many of them who remember how exciting it was to see their names in print inside of a famous book series.  A few of them have even gone on to more illustrious careers that land their names in print regularly.

In the 9 years Chooseco has been publishing the CYOA series, we’ve developed our own data bank of quotes.  We like to keep things fresh so we visit classrooms a few times per year and get feedback from kids about new and existing titles.  

One classroom was all about the death endings, as their easy-going teacher corroborated.

Another classroom told us they didn’t love the title “The Mystery of Ura Senke” because the unfamiliar name was hard for them to pronounce.  We suggested the title change “Cup of Death” which they infinitely preferred.

On our most recent visit to Ms. Belknap’s third and fourth grade class, we shared details on our two new spring titles and got the classroom’s opinions on these books and others going back to press.  We were met with an undeniable amount of sass, but most of the comments were printable.

Interactive Books for Reluctant ReadersInteractive Books for Reluctant Readers

Interactive Books for Reluctant Readers

If your child has something to say about Choose Your Own Adventure, email us and we'll send you a permission slip and see if we can work it into a future printing.

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